Aren’t we habitual to celebrate each and every function in a well-planned manner at a beautiful destination. We almost forget the essence of traditional rituals. There was a tradition of getting married from home. There are a number of couples who were supposed to get married back in the months of April or May. The announcement of the nationwide lock-down changed every plan. It’s not going to happen the way people planned every happiness.

COVID crisis cancelled or postponed many marriages. Not everyone wants to delay this precious occasion for that long.  Taking the advantage of digital accessibility online marriages emerged with an option and some of the couples opted for it. Our online weddings a viable option for getting married? Maybe not! Marriage is an important part of Indian culture. Wedding is an auspicious occasion for the Indians.

People spend a lot on this grand time. There is a huge segment of people dependent on wedding seasons. The entire industry including venue vendors, designers, photographers, makeup artists is going through a lean phase right now.

However, lock-down four gave us access to certain things like the approval of small gatherings with a limited number of people following all the advisories issued by the government. Initially, it was around 50 people at most who are allowed to attend a particular function. The number increased to 200 until this time.

 In case you are planning to have a corona marriage, it’s happy news for you! You can at least invite your close ones to be a part of your happy day.

There are certain things to keep in mind to enjoy the function by keeping everyone safe :

  1. Choose a venue with a proper ventilation system. The venue should have multiple entry or exit gates as people will gather around the main door for several rituals which could hinder the social distancing term. Ensure that the venue is nearby to the bride or groom’s house to minimize the traveling issue.
  2. Pay attention to the sitting arrangement. There should be an adequate distance to ensure social distancing norms.
  3. Choose an a-la-carte service system instead of buffet service. The buffet system will allow people to gather around the serving table, which will hinder the social distancing.
  4. Make a guest list of selected people. Avoid inviting old aged people and children to the function as they are more likely to get infected by the coronavirus.
  5. Check the temperature of every person entering the venue.
  6. Sanitize the venue properly and frequently. Place hand sanitizers and masks for guests.
  7. Put on your masks and gloves throughout the function.
  8. Vendors must be wearing their PPE kits. There must be a proper sanitization of their tools too.
  9. Avoid unnecessary props.
  10. Don’t hold a water theme event like pool parties or rain theme function.
  11. Do does not share your personal belongings with other guests especially the makeup products and gadgets. Avoid borrowing stuff from others too.

Focusing on all the preparations and precautions, there is still a column left for an exception. Discuss the scope of flexibility in the cancellation policy with the vendor in case of an emergency.

The concept of a big fat Indian wedding is never going to change. The number of people can not alter the grandness of the Indian wedding. It’s really unbelievable to see an Indian wedding with 50-100 people. But still, people are celebrating the functions with the same enthusiasm. There are many possible ways to plan a happy wedding in the situation of crisis. It’s ohkay to not have well-planned destination planning.

There are some creative innovations that will make a dream wedding come true. Small efforts matter a lot, try DIYs for the decors. The one thing which should be compromised is the beauty of the bride. No matter what the situation is! The bride still wants the most beautiful outfit for the wedding, she wants to look like a princess on the wedding day.

Most of the couples are pushing their wedding for the day when things would be normal. Although the idea of celebrating love in a certain way calls the big pomp and show. Canceling and postponing weddings would be disappointing for the family members and heartbreaking for the couples. Go ahead with the plans to tie the knot. Don’t let the lockdown regulations keep you away from starting a new life.