Wedding Decorators in Hyderabad

The Mera Party Event Management Company in Hyderabad holds the pride of organising wedding celebration for cine stars, businessperson, and other popular figures in AP. The company works focused to satisfy the bride and groom by delivering impressive themes to make their big day a special one. Choose us for making your wedding events a memorable and flawless one.

Marriages are Made in Heaven, Adorned by MeraParty!

Mera Party Organisers is creative wedding decorators in Hyderabad with 11+ Years of expertise in wedding events planning & decorations. Our Creative team provides multiple wedding event services, over 50 different types of wedding decorations including mandaps, sangeet sets, engagement decorations, stage decoration, flower decoration, lighting decoration, live entertainment, gate arches, photo booths and car decorations.

Mera Party wedding decorators can set up the venue of your dreams for your big day. For the right play of color, fragrance, and ambiance, you can choose from a variety of beautiful arrangements created by our professionals. Our talented team can use an array of accessories from flowers to chandeliers to lend an elegant touch to the venue and make it perfect for your special event.

We have the privilege of managing wedding parties of Tollywood celebrities, businessmen and many prominent personalities of Telangana & AP.

Mera Party Wedding Planner Hyderabad Services Includes:

Engagement Planners in Hyderabad

Engagement is the first auspicious ceremony between two families who are going to share a special bond in the future. Couples exchange rings and formally announce their lifetime association as a couple. A team of experts are available at The Mera Party planners to accompany you the whole day by catering their services. Our services includes engagement theme finalization and execution, entertainment related activities, catering for the event, light setup, and floral décor.

Sangeet Event Planners in Hyderabad

Sangeet is the actual wedding and the most important function in bridegroom’s life. The Mera Party events concentrate on creating a wonderful setup so that you can cherish lifetime memories. Both pre and post wedding events are meticulously organised by our planners to make it more exciting with lively music and dance.

Reception Organizers in Hyderabad

Reception is a post-wedding event handled with such a warm gesture by Mera Party planners with their cordial services. Reception styling, décor design selection and execution, and planning for entertainment services logistics are some of the impeccable services handled by this service provider.

Wedding Planning

Marriages are made in heaven and a one-time event for couples to rejoice memories for lifetime. Getting married is one life-changing decision and Mera Party planners handle the whole event graciously. They do planning from the scratch like from cuisine to invitations to venue selection to theme selection, and music organizing work.

Mandaps Decorations

Mandap is the physical venue where the wedding ceremony happens. Our curators have an eye to eye detailing on the décor work and work closely with the client to understand their design requirements and execute them beautifully.  Mera Party event planners create dream come true moments for couples to relish for a lifetime by creating beautiful banners and backdrops in the Sangeet event.


Arches are gate like decors that are kept as welcome decors at the entrance. Mera Party planners design them beautifully to give a warm welcome to the guests.

Reception Decors

Planners at Mera Party create beautiful themes and decors to make the reception a grand success. Floral arrangements are done in an eye-catching way to serve as impressive backdrops in the reception event.

Sangeet Sets

The back end arrangements for the event is meticulously designed by our expert professionals to create that ramped up look on your wedding ceremony.

Flower decorations in Hyderabad

Flowers add beauty and elegance to the wedding ceremony. Vibrant colored flowers with unique arrangements make the wedding venue look dazzling. For such extraordinary flower decorations, mera party wedding planners do wonders. We are the top flower decorators in Hyderabad, turning all wedding venues into gorgeous-looking heavens. 

Our Selected Receptions Decorations

How to Choose the Right luxury wedding planners in Hyderabad to plan your dream wedding?

Weddings are impeccable and glorious moments to be cherished throughout a lifetime. Every wedding has a chain of plans to be implemented on time, such as picking the venue, associating with vendors, and creating a timeline for events. In such scenarios, Mera party wedding planners organize weddings in a less stressful manner. We are pioneers in wedding planning in Hyderabad and are known for our traits, as given below. 

  1. Expert knowledge:
    As leading wedding planners, we work closely with couples and make their dream weddings come true on a limited budget. We are experts and adopt the latest styles and trends in floral decorations at weddings. We always pull customers into the loop and discuss everything from the start till the end and ensure they are satisfied. With expert knowledge and experience, we hold hands with suppliers and vendors and avail discounts for our customers.
  2. Handling tough situations:
    Wedding planners are experts and skilled in handling challenging situations that arise during weddings. They owe the knowledge and develop creative and instant solutions for any issues. Though there are unexpected changes and pressure, Our Mera Party wedding planners have politeness and handle everything smoothly.
  3. Exceptional Reputation:
    Mera Party Wedding planners hold an impeccable reputation as they are organized, detail-oriented, and professional. These experts manage timelines and logistics and ensure a smooth wedding satisfying everyone. The professionals are competent as they work with tight budgets and make everything possible.
  4. One-Stop Solution:
    Wedding planners in Hyderabad like Our Mera party is a one-stop solution for all wedding needs. Wedding planners handle everything from venue selection, flower decorations, theme, stage decoration, entertainment, catering services, etc. The only chore of the family is to relax, enjoy with friends, and pose for memorable pictures.
  5. Budget restraints and requirements:
    Wedding planners support couples in making the best wedding with available financial means. Our specialists are financial experts and move towards cost-saving measures by offering customers the best discounts and deals. Wedding planners go for creative solutions for weddings on a limited budget.
  6. Your dream wedding:
    Wedding planners work closely with couples to make their dream weddings come true. The wedding experts understand the preferences and visions of couples and work to make the idea true. To satisfy the couples, they create unique and personalized experiences.
  7. Best Customer Service:
    The Mera party wedding planners are leaders in Hyderabad with top ratings. We have friendly staffs who take responsibility for all aspects of the wedding. The best customer service is our key to success. We support and hold our clients like family members throughout the wedding.
  8. Consistent and Trustworthy:
    Wedding planners are well renowned for their professionalism and trustworthiness. We are committed to working hard for our clients to earn their trust. We are reliable and reputable, as we are professionals in every stage of marriage planning. We are consistent in our work without pause and trustworthy too.
  9. Creative Decorators:
    We have skilled professionals for creating unique and beautiful wedding decorations. Based on the theme and couple’s choice, we make decorations that mesmerize the couples and guests. Our flower decorations take the guests to cloud nine. We follow creative ideas and employ vibrant colors and unique patterns in floral decorations.

Why choose the Mera party wedding planners?

By choosing Mera party wedding decorators, you are choosing a bunch of experts for a memorable and creative wedding. Mera party professionals turn any wedding into an elegant and stunning space with their creativity and floral decorations. The latest trends, high-quality materials, and unique ideas make Mera party the best wedding planner in Hyderabad. Mera party is a team of young and creative talents focussing on creating new wedding styles and flower decoration ideas. With mere professionalism, Mera party handles all events and parties such as birthdays, weddings, receptions, anniversaries, engagements, etc. Mera party has been a leading wedding planner in Hyderabad as we go the extra mile for all their projects. 


What type of events do you service?

Mera Party organizers are a pioneer in organizing parties with speciality services like wedding events, sangeet sets, stage decoration, floral decoration, gate arches, light setups, mandaps, birthday parties, cradle ceremonies, and entertainment events.

What are some of the most common wedding themes that Mera Party wedding decorators can design?

Some common themes include wedding reception themes, wedding mandap themes, Mehendi decoration themes, Sangeet decoration themes, and Entertainment Wedding themes.

Why should you hire a wedding planner?

A wedding planner is must to make your wedding more organized with their imperative ideas and planning to keep you relaxed throughout the event. Also, wedding planners help in planning your budget by fetching some attractive offers from the vendors. A planner also keeps the wedding venue warm by welcoming the guests by creating the right ambience for them.

How much does a mera party wedding planner Hyderabad cost?

Mera Party organizers are one of budget-friendly service providers in Hyderabad. The price starts from 1,00,000 (1 Lakh) and can go up to a maximum of 10,00,000 (10 Lakhs) based on the package chosen.

What are the questions to ask a wedding planner in Hyderabad before booking them

  • What is your budget for my event?
  • Get to know about their preferred mode of communication for any urgent assistance.
  • What is the approach followed by your team for organizing any event?
  • How you will help us to stick on with our fixed budget?
  • Will you be the right coordinator on our special day?
  • What will be your response if my event is postponed due to unfortunate situations?

What kinds of flowers do the Mera party wedding decorators to decorate the stages use?

Mera party decorators are famous in creating some vibrant wedding themes for the party using natural flowers like jasmine, rose, and orchids.

What is the procedure for booking a wedding decorator?

To avail doorstep services from Mera organizers, all you have to do is contact us on the provided numbers in Contact us page for quick assistance. Alternatively you can fill in the form on the Get in touch with us section for us to revert shortly.

How can I find the best mandap decorators nearby?

Another way to find local mandap decorators in Hyderabad is to search online. You can use a search engine like Google and enter keywords like mandap decorators near me" or "mandap decorations "Hyderabad "[your city name]" to find a list of decorators in your area. In addition, you can find The Mera Party decorators, where you can see photos of their previous work and read customer reviews. It's essential to choose a decorator with experience with mandap decorations, and it's a good idea to schedule consultations with a few decorators to get a sense of their styles and prices before making a decision.

How long will it take to decorate a venue?

It's essential to communicate with the decorators about your timeline and ensure that they can set up the decorations well before the event is scheduled to begin so that you have plenty of time for any last-minute adjustments.

How much of your budget should a wedding planner cost?

The cost of a wedding planner can vary greatly depending on the services they provide, Our level of experience, and location. It's important to consider what services you need and what kind of budget you have. Mera Party planners may offer full-service packages that include everything from finding a venue and vendors to coordinating the event and overseeing setup and cleanup. In contrast, others may offer more limited services, such as day-of coordination.

How do I plan a wedding on my budget?

Planning a wedding on a budget can be challenging, but it is possible. You can arrange a beautiful marriage that stays within your budget by being organized organized and creative. The key is to be willing to make compromises and be creative in saving money while still having the wedding of your dreams. When planning your big day, the mere party will help you figure out what to set your budget on

Why do wedding planners charge so much?

Wedding planners charge significantly for their services because they provide extensive and time-consuming tasks such as coordinating vendors and logistics, managing budgets, handling details, and providing guidance and support. We also have a network of reliable vendors and can negotiate better deals. In addition, they help reduce stress and address unexpected issues during the planning process. Hiring a Mera Party Wedding planner in Hyderabad can be worth it for the peace of mind and organization they bring to the process.

How do I find the right wedding planner?

Research and talk to multiple planners to find the right wedding planner in Hyderabad. Ask for references and reviews, check their portfolio and see if their style and approach align with yours, and ensure they have experience planning within your budget. Clear communication, trust, and a positive working relationship are all essential for successful planning. Additionally, we, as The Mera party, have extensive experience in this field

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