1st Birthday Party Ideas 2019

1st Birthday Party Ideas for 2019

Congratulations, you have completed whole one year of your parenthood! Yes, time really fly away, it just feels like yesterday when you have hold your baby for the first time. Planning a first birthday party is the most emotional event for every parent. I have shortlisted few trending ideas for your lifetime event to celebrate, baby first birthday party. So let’s wear planner’s hat and begin planning a first birthday party.

It’s your cute little doll turning one, for her theme with magical spell trending now

Unicorn Theme

Unicorn theme are super trendy now!  It’s girls and adults favourite too. Unicorn has been favourite and famous ever since I could remember. By the cartoon of Sophia unicorn got to catch up more.  The Unicorn theme decoration gives the magical feel to the party. You can have a rainbow cake to go along with the theme. It comes with girls favourite colours too.  Getting welcome unicorn scheme arch and balloon pillar is so delighting.

My Little Pony

“My little pony”  all girls favourite pony unicorn, with magical power. As per your girls favourite pony you can decide the theme over them twilight sparkle unicorn, rainbow dash, pinky pie , flutter shy…ohh! My, they will make your little one live her fantasy world.  Ponies have become more colourful and cuter. It’s dream come true for girls. It has developed big fan base of adults too.

Planning a birthday party for your adorable young man turning into one, theme with their all-time favourite speed and power is trending.

Racing Cars 

Cars has been all time favourite with boys and when it comes along with racing track it becomes their dream come true. Your little dino will love to jam at dino world. Dinosaur gives them the feel of power strength. It’s no more a scary world of the dinosaur. After a good dino movie, it has become kid’s favourite. Kids love exploring and thrill of adventure. The Mcqueen or racing track with décor of chequered flag and rest red in colour goes just perfect with a theme.


Planning birthday party with LEGO®  theme is all time favourite. From children to adults they all are fond of Lego.

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