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Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding Decoration Ideas 

Do you agree that a wedding must be perfect? Yes! So, perfect food, perfect arrangements, and not to leave out the decorations. Wedding Decorations not only need to be perfect but also should be attractive, picturesque and moreover, should appeal to the groom and his bride. We suggest you many wedding decoration ideas based on your interests and budget. 

Thus, a thorough thinking process is required before the decorations of any wedding are decided. Some people even feel that when the decorations appeal to everyone half the battle is won by the wedding organizer. So, let’s go over some wedding decoration ideas. 

Wedding floral decorations

Flowers are a great and essential choice for a wedding. A wedding marks a new beginning for a couple and Wedding floral decorations bestow a freshness to the entire ambiance by its fresh and colorful presence. At the same time, there is absolutely no limit to the patterns and designs that can be executed by using different flowers. A good Wedding floral decoration works wonders for the photography. The wedding couple when surrounded by intricate patterns of different color flowers makes for many picture-perfect moments almost throughout the wedding.  

floral wedding decorations, wedding decoration ideas  

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Mandapam Decoration Ideas

In weddings, a mandap is a special place without which the rituals seem to be incomplete. Most of the important rituals of marriage are performed under the mandap. In mandap, various traditions and rituals are followed and at the end, guests bless the couple. 

Different themes can be portrayed using different types of mandaps to give the much-required authenticity for the occasion. Several materials with requisite strength and varied looks are used to give a large variety and types in the mandap décor. Different mandaps like the light, floral, cloth and others are available, choose your pick from the innumerable variety available with us.

mandap decorations

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Arches Designs 

Arches basically serve the purpose of a beautiful entrance and exit to the function area. There are diverse ways to include the arches in the overall décor of a wedding ceremony. Arches give a nice elegant way to enhance the entire look of a place. Also, arches bestow a rich grandeur and lushness to the décor without taking away the spacious look, in fact, some designs of the arches, elongate or broaden the available space.

wedding arches

Receptions Decorations

Special Reception Décor is a must for weddings. When we think of receptions we immediately refer it to the decorations that go with it. Today, the techniques, themes, and concepts have increased multifold giving you a big choice of what you want as per your choice.  This is the reason, we are offering entirely customized and personalized Reception Decors which stand up to the occasion in every sense.  

reception decorations

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Sangeet Sets Decorations 

A new concept in the series of decorations is the swanky Sangeet Sets that offer an authenticity to the important ritual called as Sangeet and sets the mood in the right for the entire ceremony and celebrations. Sangeet Sets dress up the space to match the musical evening that marks an important beginning for all the people involved.

sangeet decoration themes

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